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A sneak peek into Buddha's playlist of Hindi songs

19, Nov 2016 By Ankit Kumar Singh

The Buddha taught the world to overcome suffering by living in present moment and developing neither craving for nor aversion to anything. He also asked people not to lie. The Buddha, though, didn’t listen to Bollywood Hindi songs. If he had, he would have appreciated some numbers. He would have disapproved of some as well. Here is a list of three songs from each of these two categories.

Three songs the Tathagata may not have approved of:

1. Tu dharti pe chahe jahan bhi rahegi, tujhe teri khooshboo se pehchan lunga (Buddha: Impossible and impractical, kid. You can’t recognise someone by his/her fragrance from anywhere. Do not pursue fancies.)

2. Abhi sans lene ki fursat nahin hai jo tum meri bahon main ho (Buddha: Lie, a plain lie. No matter how much you enjoy someone’s arms, it can’t be a substitute to your own breath. You live for you breathe. Do not Lie. Move along.)

3. Munni badnam hui darling tere liye (Buddha: Ignorance and therefore suffering. We suffer for we choose a cause of suffering. No point blaming Darling for your badnami. You allowed Darling to defame you, didn’t you?)

And now three songs Siddharth Gautam would have added to his playlist:

1. Yamma yamma, yamma yamma, ye khoobsurat sama, bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi, phir ham kahan tum kahan (Buddha: In the moment song. You live in the present and make the most out of it without caring for tomorrow.)

2. Zindagi ke safar mai gujar jate hain jo mukam wo nahin aate (Buddha: Truthful song. Yes, what is gone is gone. It doesn’t come back.)

3. Dakiya daak laya, dakiya daak laya, khushi ka payam kahin, kahin dardnaak laya (Buddha: Another truthful song. Stating what is. A postman is supposed to bring letters and thesse letters contain both good and bad messages. Wonderful!)

If you have a song and you want to know what Siddharth Gautam would have thought about it, just type the first line in the comment and I’m going to tell you his reaction.