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Sidhu sues Cafe Rio for not inviting him in their World Cup show

23, Jun 2014 By Andy

Former Indian cricketer, Navjot Singh Sidhu, has sued the organisers of the Television show, Cafe Rio for not including him the expert’s panel list.

Sidhu was furious over the snub handed down to him. Sidhu has lashed out his anger on Gaurav Kapur who hosts the show. Sidhu tweeted “Gaurav @ditcher, you called me Sixer Sidhu remember? And now you don’t invite me on Sony Six,” from his official twitter account sidhu@footballguru.

Sidhu has alleged that he had signed a six year contract with Sony Six allowing him to be part of all the shows on the channel. A source from the channel has revealed that Sidhu’s claim had some weight in it. The source has revealed that Sidhu was given the snub as the audience for the World Cup different from that of Cricket.

When asked to elaborate, the source explained, what he meant, with the help of an example. “Let’s say the panelists are discussing about a goal, what do you expect Sidhu to say? Wah wah wah! kya Gagan chumbi Goal mara hai khiladi ne(sorry, English translation not possible).”

Guarav Kapur, apparently, upset over Sidhu’s tweet, has sent a mail to “footballguru”.

The mail, however, has been leaked on a website allegedly owned by, whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

The mail reads – “Sidhu Paaji, I wish you were on the show. Sorry, It was a management decision. I never knew it could get so difficult. I remember hosting the IPL shows were you used to speak so long that I had to jump in so that the audience knows who the host is. But here in Cafe Rio I don’t have the pleasure. I called John to help but, he started talking about bikes. I though the co-host would help but, she was more interested in knowing where the footballs go after the matches. ‘Huh! Where do the footballs go?’ They probably go for massage after being kicked around for 90minutes. Sidhu Paaji please come back.”

After reading the mail Sidhu has tweeted again, but this time in favour of Gaurav. “GK ke age sab host padthe hain feekae, football expert nahin hun toh kya hua, please show mein bula lo, Okay”.(Translate at your own risk)