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Shyam Benegal Committee to work under MNS workers for censor board reforms

25, Oct 2016 By D-MAN

Mumbai. The film and the television industry, which for so many years has remained the source of entertainment (almost) for the common man has nowadays started to come in news for all the wrong reasons. One day some actor would be sharing screen space with a Pakistani actor, next day someone would blame government officials for taking bribe and in some cases even call ‘Mumbai’ as ‘Bombay’ in a movie dialogue.

The government of India who wants to end all this and who already has formed a committee under Shyam Benegal for reforming the functioning of the censor board, has now gone ahead and put this committee under veteran party workers of MNS who specialize in blocking the release of upcoming films. The government believes that this step would help them get more clarity on the logic behind banning one film and not banning others.

Shyam Benegal ready with his proposal
Shyam Benegal ready with his proposal

“What is the point of having a censor board when the release of the film is not determined by the board, but mostly by few workers of MNS and Shiv sena.” Said a senior official of the ministry of Information and broadcasting, he continued, “These workers are the one who call for a ban but people start abusing Modiji for no reason, like how it happened during ADHM. Now when these folks ‘who call for movie ban’ will become the part of the reform committee, it will make our lives much easier.” Added the official.

The move has been lauded by not just government officials but even the big-wigs of Bollywood who were sick and tired of their flicks getting banned for reasons they could hardly understand.

“Till 90s it was nudity that would cause a film to be banned. But then it took a back seat and they started doing random stuff, sometime it would be the name of a city, next time citizenship.” Said a veteran Bollywood director, he continued, “But if they can create the guideline for the censor board to follow it would help us a lot and would not jeopardize the business of our films in the future.”

However everyone is not as happy as them. Some of MNS party workers have been caught off guard by this move and are scared of the fact that they would have to watch each and every Bollywood film, which include those by Ram Gopal varma and Baba Ram Raheem Insane Insaan (MSG).

“Boss, this is not done yaar. You are taking it personal. Even we don’t know why we ban some films and why we don’t ban the others. Abhi ye Karan Johar vala ‘Student of the Year’ dekh kar itna dimag kharab hua ki ye ADHM ban kiya. Fawad to Kapoor and Sons mein bhi tha. But if you will ask us to watch all the stuff that Bollywood churns out, where will we go.” Said Sadu Banwala, an old time MNS protester who has banned more than fifty Bollywood films single handedly.

“Theek hai, even if we become part of this committee, the power is no more in our hand. Abhi if we approve a movie, but that Times Now Arnab calls it Anti-national, where will we go? Market mein to apni ijjat ka faluda ho jaega na.” Added Banwala.

The writer is the author of the spoof book ‘The Bogus Read’