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SHOCKING:15 Hindus attack a Christian stand-up comedian in National Law University

30, Mar 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: In a shocking incident that displays the state of minorities in India, 15 Hindus have attacked a Christian at National Law University on 22nd March. A Christian Abish Mathew was doing a stand-up comedy when this unfortunate incident happened.

National Law University was organizing cultural festival last week and as a part of it, they had invited a Christian stand-up comedian to perform to their audience. On the fateful day, when Abish Mathew was cracking some jokes, suddenly there was commotion in the audience. Suddenly, a group of Hindus started heckling him and carried placards like “Get out Pig!”, which had obviously offended the religious sentiment of the minority Christian stand-up comedian.

This incident proves that a minority artist is now directionless in India and that minorities are not safe in Modi’s India.

While the rest of audience had tried to restore the Idea of India and to tailor the secular fabric, by chasing out those 15 Hindus from the spot, the damage had been done. Mathew has given up performing the show and even tweeted that how he feels insecure in Modi’s India. He said, “I feel like I’m on a hitlist. I’m being targeted for jokes. Is this achche din?”

An expert on free speech lamented online,”This is growing very dangerous. Hindus are trying to form gangs and target minorities across India. Can’t a Christian man do a stand-up comedy show in India? Is fascism on rise? I shudder at the thought of it. Modi should definitely answer this.”

Not satisfied with doing the whole fiasco at the auditorium, the 15 Hindus have even written a letter proving that they are right and had blamed the Christian comedian by trying to falsely brand him as misogynist. But, any sane mind will not believe that a non-Hindu male can be misogynist and hence, we should be cautious of the sinister gameplan by those Hindu groups. A fellow comedian who also belongs to minority, said on this, “This is more like a repeat of Nazi propaganda. They attacked Jews and used to publish letters justifying their acts. Now, in Modi’s India, such things are being done again by majority on the minority.”