Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Shilpa Shinde won like Shilpa Shetty

15, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Suspense pervaded in the Bigg Boss house when the last four contestants stayed behind. Sapna’s prediction proved futile with Akash’s exit. What Puneesh Sharma was not visualising emanated from his exit. It was surely a big shock for him. Afterwards, there came the turn of mastermind Vikas Gupta, who was hoping something better.

The last elimination of him certainly quivered Shilpa Shinde who appeared too shaky to win the 15-month-long show.

Shilpa can be another Shilpa Shetty who had won Big Brother once. She won a prize of Rs 44 lakh while Vikas Gupta received a sum of Rs six lakh.

Though the programme brought before us every aspect of life, the television viewers’ enjoyments remained on the arguments and the instant brawls among all the 19 contestants. The level of the cunningness revealed by every competitor exhibited their trickery. What remained on face-to-face conversation kept on changing like a game of chess every other moment?

We viewed how Vikas Gupta, likes Bindu Dara Singh or Puneet Issar, applied his mind in taking every move deftly. We have also learnt of him emerging as the meanest person in the enclosed house on the basis of the assigned tasks. Arshi Khan made no mistake in choosing him as the meanest person.

He did not realise the intensity of pain Puneesh felt during the waxing by him. How Vikas saved his clothes from being drenched into the colour tub by Shilpa Shinde. She performing more like the previous episode contestant Poonam Dhillon, showed no mercy with Hina’s favourite cup embossed with the figure of a lion. The Bigg Boss declared her real Sher Khan.

Not just of their immense repetitive spiky words but their devious plans were constantly followed. Their respective ways to remove weak contestant remained supreme in one another’s brainy moves. They weaved a web of clever intricacies for their safety from the weekly eviction.