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Sherlyn Chopra to feature in the list of the top ten most important recyclable items

08, Jul 2014 By Guddu Gangster

With plastics nose, breasts, lips and almost the entire body, Sherlyn Chopra truly is the ‘Plastic Beauty of India’. The so-called model/actress has yet another new achievement to add to her list.


After successfully becoming the first Indian woman to pose nude for the Playboy Magazine, she now has made all her way to feature in the list of ‘The Top Ten Most Important Recyclable Items’ put together by the National Recycling Coalition.

Our correspondents were the first to contact the queen of controversy to talk about her new accomplishment. Here’s how she responded to our questions:

Interviewer: You are always in the news for meaningless and cheap publicity stunts. How does featuring in this list feel for a change?

Sherlyn: I wouldn’t say that I didn’t see it coming, but it always feels good when people recognize you for your hard work.

Interviewer: Hard work? Really? What type of hard work did you really have to put?

Sherlyn: A lot actually. See, I’m like a walking, talking Barbie lacking the beauty. I went from 100% human to 75% plastic to get to where I am today. I had to undergo endless surgeries, put tons of make-up everyday in order to make myself somewhat presentable and acceptable to the society.

Interviewer: Do you think you are presentable or acceptable to the society?

Sherlyn:  Not yet. But I like to be hopeful. People have these pre-conceived notions about me. People think I’m just an attention seeking whore. That’s not true… (Thinks for a minute)… Not entirely. Yes, I express myself through senseless tweets and vulgar pictures, but that’s just because I have nothing else to do to pass my time. I thought featuring nude in magazines would help me get acting offers, but it didn’t! So I keep trying. I think its not working yet. But it will, one day.

Interviewer: Before my ears bleed, one last question for you. How excited are you feeling for your new achievement?

Sherlyn: Can’t tell you how excited I am. I already have made ‘69’ tweets about my new feat! In-fact, when I first heard the news on my phone, I got so excited that I started running around the house frantically, screaming at the top of my voice. I even broke my nose in the act, getting hit on the door. Guess I’ll have to order a new one on Flipkart.