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Sharrukh Khan celebrates friendship day on producer's money

04, Aug 2013 By Avichal Singh

By Avichal Singh

Delhi. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, has been reportedly insisted to hold promotion of his upcoming film ‘Chennai Express’ in Delhi only on Friendship day. According to our highly placed sources, SRK wanted to surprise and meet his chuddy buddies during his film promotion.

Shahrukh himself gave a phone call to all his friends residing in Delhi to wish them happy friendship day and later invited them to a hotel in Gurgaon for lunch. Sharukh Khan has also requested the director to book atleast 10 Limousines to provide pick and drop service to his friends living in different parts of Delhi and NCR, said a member, requested anonymity, from the event management company, which is involved in organising Rohit Shetty’s film ‘Chennai Express.’

A highly placed source has also informed that this is not the first time when SRK has used director’s money for his deeds and giving favours to his family and friends for merely participating in a film’s promotion. ‘’SRK has been giving similar requests earlier also,’’ a source said.

On several occasions, King Khan has also threatened the director and event management companies by denying his participation in the entire promotional exercise if any of his demands were ignored. However, SRK has denied such allegations , while admitting that he is little demanding when it comes to promote a film because actors are not given any extra bucks for film promotions.

They work for free. He has also admitted that he has favoured his family members and friends on several occasions but that is perfectly fine and he sees no harm in it. In fact, film producers earn so much; therefore they are bound to share some of their revenue with the actors for doing extra labour for luring people to watch their performance.

He sees films promotions as working for extra-time after work. SRK also believes that if the director and producers can only think about making money then it is actors’ right to demand extra brownie in return. SRK also feels that a word of mouth is more than any promotional exercise therefore, by giving any kind of favours to his family and friends, he is actually promoting the film because when they go back to common people and bash around that SRK came to meet us during promotion of his film.

Though Rohit Shetty has declined to comment on the matter but he signalled that he will never ever sign SRK again. ‘So far, film promotion was a different kind of fun for me… Ajay is an great actor…. probably, I will be promoting my next movie with him and others and may be not with them…., Rohit Shetty said. After being thrown out of the Comedy Circus, a comedy show, Rohit Shetty has been accompanied the actors across the country as he has enough time to roam around.