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Shaktiman to replace Iron Man in Avenger 3

28, Apr 2015 By priyank12

India: After watching the second part of Avenger, Shaktiman has sent the series of its episode to Marvel Production for review and requested them to consider him for the next part of their avenger series.

Shaktiman in Powerman!
Shaktiman as Powerman!

“I just watched the Avenger 2 and I think I could have done better role in place of Iron Man. We both have almost same powers but I don’t require a machine to fly so obviously I am better”, said Shaktiman on being interviewed.

Here Marvel Production is really considering to replace Iron Man for their next part and they are expecting their box office collection to doubled if they go for such replacement. “We think audience will also have a change. Soon we might offer a role to our next hero Shaktiman”, said one of the member of Marvel Production.

While Tony Stark is really stunned after watching the stunts of Shaktiman which made him reduce his fees almost by ninety percent. Still he is unsure about his role for the next part and if Shaktiman replaces him then that means it would be also end for super hit series of Iron Man and we will have new series called ‘Power Man’.

So first time we will see the Indian superhero in the role of Avenger and its been proud moment for the fans of Shaktiman.