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Shakespeare’s ghost makes appearance; requests Bollywood to stop stealing his stories

17, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai: Late last night, the ghost of William Shakespeare was captured and thereafter interviewed on India TV. The ghost revealed that he was tired of filmmakers stealing off his stories to make movies and requested them to come up with their own scripts.

“They just keep stealing my stories and making movies again and again on them,” the ghost said. “Everybody already knows the story; what is the point of making movies about them again and again?” he added, especially with reference to the now extremely overused “Romeo & Juliet” story.

“What strikes terror into my heart the most is an Indian filmmaker called Ram Gopal Verma,” the ghost said. “I am afraid he will take notice of my stories too and end up making some terrible movie with a name like James or Shiva basing it on one of my stories. Oh God! If that happens, I will end up dying again!”