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Shah Rukh Khan shuns all publicity, shooting starts secretly for his next venture DDDJ

15, Aug 2014 By Freshly Faked

Hardly has Shah Rukh Khan completed the movie Happy New Year, comes news that he’s secretly shooting for his next film at a suburban film studio.

Such is the confidentiality maintained that all invitees to the mahurat had undergone an oath taking ceremony to keep mouths shut about the project. The person who leaked this news (lets call her Ms X) to reporter freshfake, however, is having a clear conscience as she’s not opened her mouth about it, but only key-stroked it.

A collaboration of Red Chillies and YRF, it’s the much awaited sequel to DDLJ which had released 20 years back. The acronym is DDDJ, expanded as ‘Diljale Divorce De Jayenge’. The mahurat shooting was a scene in family court – SRK singing an emotional song in the witness box, bringing tears in the eyes of defence lawyer.

In a casual chit-chat with SRK, the invitee Ms X enquired about the secrecy and expressed surprise at the divorce theme, when romance was his forte. “I always shun publicity and am basically a shy person, but the media and paparazzi never get tired of writing about me. Its welcomed nauseating after a limit. Now I have decided to let my work speak.. no publicity, no marketing, no any attempts to enter crore clubs whatsoever. We’ll straight release it and let the audience be the king. Tho, I am not aiming, if it enters the 1,000cr club, I’ll humbly accept it as the love of my fans and thank all from the bottom of my heart.”

“Don’t draw wrong conclusions by the title. We are taking romance to a whole new level in this film. The bar is raised high too. While DDLJ ended with a departing train, DDDJ will start with an arriving spacecraft bringing SRK-Kajol from their honeymoon on the moon!”

“And as love is a universal language, we will dub it in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, African, Italian etc for worldwide release on next Valentine’s day,” he added.