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Set Max decides to end airing of Sooryavansham: Man declares that his childhood has finally ended

26, Apr 2015 By misterp

Mangal Singh, a small time businessman and a self-declared movie buff, was having a usual lazy Sunday morning when he decided to switch on the TV for his weekly dose of Sooryavansham on Set Max. At once, his world came crashing down as he saw the announcement ticker on the bottom of the screen declaring an apology by Set Max Production Team saying that they have decided to end the airing of Sooryavansham on their channel. Before he could control himself, he burst into uncontrollable tears and loud sobs amidst consolation from his wife.

“I mean come on yaar,” emotional Mangal told our reporter Feku Singh, “Sachin retiring was still OK, as he was aging anyway. We knew he was gonna retire soon. But this? Who even thought of this? Who will bring back my childhood now?”, he said between bursts of sobbing.

Friends and close relatives of Mangal say that he was very closely attached to the movie. It was his weekly routine to watch Sooryavansham to get his “batteries charged” and keep alive the child in him. Its continuous airing on Set Max was the “one constant thing in his continuously changing universe” (as put by his daughter Phoolan). The discontinuation of its airing is bound to break his heart.

Meanwhile, as last seen by our reporter, Mangal Singh had seeded a torrent of the movie so that he can download it and keep his weekly routine alive.