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Seer blasts pair before saat phera

20, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The decorated spot for the wedding rites was ready. Even the sagacious seer was present with all his paraphernalia. The square burning pit was lit with fire and fully dressed groom also arrived on the place. When the man was on time, the bride also managed to come on the dot. This particular thing made the hymn reciting seer satisfied as his wait was no longer lengthy. But the trouble began with confusion in the sitting arrangement. Drawing the very attention of the sandal adorned Tilak seer, the anxious groom asked of the lucky position for the beautiful well-dressed bride. Whether she should sit on his right side or the left side was his main query!

The family members present at this auspicious occasion were also appearing concerned over this persisting problem. They were finding themselves quite helpless. In such a clueless situation it was only the seer who could see them the right way. So, all of them were seen requesting for the answer of the similar query. Looking at their undecided postures, the intelligent seer tied to win over everyone’s heart at the time. He ably thought that he could not right now make everything better and arrange this sudden and abrupt scream for the suitable side.

Unfortunately, none has presented any opinion in this regard. All along the seer began cracking jokes and show how clever he is. He advised them to relax for a few seconds and then just take a seat close to the groom. Certainly, it was the groom and bride night. Therefore, it was not good for the couple to vent oohs and aahs around the guests. At last, the seer suggested both the newly-public couple to take a seat in their own comfortable convenience. He directed the groom not to worry as she would, later on, sit on your head.