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Scarlett Fox from Temple Run 2 becomes World's No.1 Billionaire

31, May 2015 By electroman

When Forbes Released the list of Billionaires of the world today, people were surprised to see a different kind of person on the top of the chart. It was none other than the female character Scarlett Fox from mobile game Temple Run 2.

The source behind her sudden found wealth is a place none other than the game itself. It appears she has finally cashed in her chips (literally). After all these years of running, she has decided to hang up her boots at last. Yes! she is retiring from the sport. She will no longer be available in the character list of the next Temple Run 2 upgrade.

The richest woman on earth
The richest woman on earth

The Gazillions of coins she has ever gathered in her years of running has finally paid off. She is the wealthiest person in the world now. (Who says games are a waste of time). When we tried to interview her and ask for a few words about her life. she gave a few insights in to the life of a game character. She says that the work environment is very hazardous including jumping over cliffs, hanging on ropes, sliding down waterfalls, not to mention being chased by a giant beast. There is no specific shift timings. Whenever someone decides to play in the middle of the night she has to be available, ready to run. the work is also repetitive, running the same route every time.

We did a research on Guy Dangerous the default character in the game. He obviously should be wealthier than her, since he is the basic character in the game. He would be the person with the most wealth, but the truth is far more stranger. It seems that the gamers only use him to buy scarlett and then mostly run with her. Who wants to see the back of a guy running all day long. So the male population in a certain age bracket(6 to 68) prefer her. While the ladies want her to run because they hate guys.

She will be relieved from work soon after her notice period is over. There will be a certain amount of coins going off from your stash in the Temple Run Game on your mobile, Which will be the payload for Scarlett.

P.S Super Mario was furious when he learned about this. He said that these young generation people have no respect for elders. He has been breaking bricks with his head for so many years to earn measly coins, while these android players make billions within a few hours.