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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 2nd Season - Rahul Gandhi offered the role of Roshesh

16, Dec 2013 By Sameer Bhangale

Mumbai: Hats Off Productions recently confirmed that they are soon going to come up with the new season of their highly popular sitcom comedy “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai”. Our reporter had an opportunity to interview Mr Deven Bhojani, the director of the series, recently. Below are the excerpts from this interview:

Rahul is equally funny as Roshesh
Rahul is equally funny as Roshesh

Faking News Reporter (FN): Sir, it has been a very long period after the highly successful first season of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai concluded and viewers had been waiting for this news ever since the first season ended. Why did you decide to bring the second season so late?

Deven Bhojani (DB): Yes, first of all it was very heart warming to know that the viewers loved the first season so much. Even we received thousands of emails from our viewers enquiring when are we going to start the new season. After seeing the response, we wanted to start the shooting of 2nd season 2 years back only, but we had some challenges.

FN: What were the challenges?

DB: The first season was a success due to the content as well as the cast and we were facing challenges with availability of all original actors from season 1. We could manage to get the dates from all except for Rajesh Kumar (Roshesh). He declined to continue Roshesh’s role in the upcoming season and we did not want to change the cast in the 2nd season.

FN: So what was the reason Rajesh declined to continue with Roshesh’s role?

DB: It is quite funny, I am not sure if I should talk about it in a media interview. But he declined because as per him, even in real life his close relatives started treating him similar to the way Roshesh received the treatment by his family and he did not want to damage his real life image further by accepting Roshesh’s role in 2nd season as well.

FN: Who will be then doing the role of Roshesh in the 2nd season?

DB: We wanted someone who can do 100% justice to Roshesh’s role. Someone from our crew suggested the name of Rahul Gandhi and it clicked with me immediately. Rahul is naturally innocent and childish looking person and will suite this role perfectly. Though we had a tough time in convincing him for this role but after the recent debacle of Congress in the 4 states, convincing him was very easy and he promptly accepted the role.

FN: So when can we see the first episode of the 2nd season on television?

DB: Very soon, it is planned to be telecasted starting from 3rd week of January 2014.

FN: Thank you very much Deven, we and I am sure all the viewers as well will be keenly waiting for this series. I wish you all the best.

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