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Sanjay Leela Bhansali shelves movie on Padmavati instead to make biopic on Sasikala

19, Feb 2017 By glaximusmaximus

Mumbai: Following a heavy backlash from Karni Sena and the controversy surrounding the depiction of Padmavati’s story in his next directorial flick, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has reportedly decided to shelve the movie. The making of the movie that led to an inundated not-so-non-violent reaction from Karni Sena members has literally left the filmmaker with a bruised face.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  BFF, who is also his chewing gum supplier, has informed  our sources that the director, on account of ongoing negativity, has dropped the idea of filming movie on Padmavati and decided to move on to make yet another flick based on tragic story making him reroute his attention to current events surrounding the almost CM of Tamil Nadu and now convict- VK Sasikala.

"She herself is an excellent melodrama actress. We might cast her to retain the originality of the character", says Bhansali
“She herself is an excellent melodrama actress. We might cast her to retain the originality of the character”, says Bhansali

The official representatives of the filmmaker’s production house have further confirmed the news stating, “Sanjay Sir is already in talks with Rohit Shetty to co-produce his next flick which will be called ‘Chennai Express-2 with a tagline that reads  ‘Kanyakumari se Kaidikumari tak’ which translates to  ‘From Pretty Woman to Jail Bird’.

The creative team wanted to stick to the earlier tagline ‘Ready-Steady-Po’ with a slight update i.e. ‘Ready-Steady-Po(neerselvam)’ but they decided to do away with it as this will drop a hint on Paneerselvam character playing a vital role in the film.

The larger than life styled film would chronicle the journey of Sasikala’s journey from being an aspiring CM of Tamil Nadu to an aspiring contestant of Big Boss’ next season, thanks to her recent arrest. Hence the title ‘Chennai Express’ as it denotes the speed in which Sasikala’s chances of becoming CM goes down the drain.

The director has further stated that the casting is in progress, however Sonakshi Sinha was earlier involved in the discussion for the title role given her physique matches the titular character’s description. However the director had to drop her from the movie given her demands for heavy food went over-budget that was actually allotted for the production of the actual film.

Sources close to Mr. Bhansali have mentioned that the director has now heaved a sigh of relief as he has just signed Deepika Padukone for the main role citing her display of Bengali-Tamil combo accent in similar character played by her in Chennai Express.

On further investigation as to why Deepika was signed since she doesn’t sport plumpish look similar to Sasikala, Mr. Bhansali’s production house quoted “authenticity be damned, can’t we take a little creative liberty in Bollywood? And moreover we have signed Farah Khan to appear as a Tamil item girl in a dance number. Isn’t that enough when it comes to authenticity?”

The renowned director’s shelved feature film- Padmavati- had starred Buzzfeed & ScoopWhoop’s retainer clients, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone with latter cast in the role of the titular character. Sources close to actors have said that the movie was secretly meant to be a part of trilogy of tragic love stories followed by Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani, but tragically it resulted in Karni Sena workers leaving Congress party’s symbol on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cheeks as they accused him of distorting historical facts.

Traumatized by the aforementioned incident added with furious reaction from teenage internet historians who claim to have PHD in history of India, Sanjay Leela Bhansali eventually came to a decision to shelve his dream project on the historic figure.

As the production of Mr. Bhansali’s new mammoth project on Sasikala is on roll, Faking News reporters have got their hands on the leaked script that documents having a significant scene where Sasikala is smitten by her arch rival Paneerselvam’s charm and professes her love before surrendering herself before law on charges of corruption.