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Sanjay Dutt give the title of Master chef at Yerwada jail

28, Jul 2013 By zaxeeno

Newly appointed head cook of Yerwada jail kitchen, Sanjay Dutt took charge of his business empire today.

In a small ceremony held at the jail grounds, the keys of the kitchen door were handed over to Dutt amidst huge applause. Chief guest of the ceremony was Lallu Langda, the ex right hand of Chhota Chetan, who cut the red ribbon at kitchen door with his rampuri knife, and ushered Sanju Baba in.

A visibly moved Dutt could hardly check his tears. He literally lifted Lallu Langda off the ground and nearly smashed his head against the ceiling fan. He later apologised and embraced the shocked chief guest in a bear hug. Dutt, then made a short speech and expressed his gratitude towards the Yerwada jail authorities for giving him this golden opportunity to refine his culinary skills. He said that cooking was his passion even in childhood. Back then,day and night, he used to dream of becoming a legendary cook and running a roadside dhaba.

In a somewhat embarrassed manner, he added that he would have been a COOKER STAR, but because of the pressure from his actor parents, he had to give up his dream and had to resort to dancing around the trees and thus he became a SUPER STAR. He confessed that he still regrets this decision of his. He, then added, that it was his hard work and dedication, that destiny has presented him with another chance to find his ultimate purpose in life. Sanju Baba also revealed that his wife Manyata is the biggest fan of his cooking and she has got addicted to the dishes prepared by him. She has not stepped in the kitchen even once, since their marriage.

“She would stay hungry till midnight when i returned from shooting and straight away sent me to the kitchen, so that i would cook dinner for her.” he fondly remembered. He said that Manyata has told him that she will miss his recipes and is going to find a way to get dishes prepared by his hubby parceled to her from jail kitchen.

Dutt hoped that his fellow convicts will also relish his preparations and will purchase food from him even when they get released.

Sanjay, however was not satisfied with his wages of Rs.25 per day. He told the media that he will demand jail authorities to raise the wages to minimum Rs.100 per day. He reasoned that entire bollywood fraternity is crazy about “100 crore club” and he also share their craze with number 100. So he shall be proud to be remembered as the founding member of “Rs.100 club” at Yerwada.

Sanjay also demanded that the recipies he invent while his tenure at Yerwada, be sent to the Master Chef India competition, as he sincerely believed that his chances of winning there were pretty strong.

Yerwada jail authorities, meanwhile, are discussing about the demands of their newly appointed head cook, over a midnight booz party .