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Salman’s lawyer claims he was abducted by Aliens while driving the car

12, May 2015 By electroman

MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s lawyer is preparing for final appeal in Supreme Court. He wants this case to be dismissed without a trace. Here is the point he is trying to put forward. He is claiming that he has found new evidence to close the case once in for all.

“Where is he? We need him for our Allywood movies”

As per the developing story, the recent claim is that Salman Khan was allegedly abducted by aliens while he was still driving the car. Apparently they are huge fans of him after watching his movies on Torrents. We later learned that it was Hrithik Roshan they were after. They’ve watched Koi Mil Gaya. It doesn’t matter now. As the story goes, the aliens beamed Salman from the car to their spaceship.

They had parked their ship someplace safe from India TV Channel reporters. So when the aliens teleported Salman from his car, the car was obviously left without a driver. It lost control and ran over innocent civilians. The aliens are at fault here. He says that this information came out only now because Salman went on the show “Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka” and under hypnotic sleep revealed this key piece of evidence.

The lawyer added that this case does not even come under the jurisdiction of the Indian Justice system. The Lawyer has advised the victims to seek for justice in the Intergalactic Court. He has also told them to file an FIR against the aliens in the nearest Intergalactic police station at Alpha Centauri.

In case this defense fails, the lawyer has further more backup theories.

1. The car was being driven by a Salman from a parallel universe, where running over poor people is not a crime.

2. Salman thought the people were lying there to set a Guinness world record for getting a car driven over them.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio has planted an idea inside Salman’s dream that he was living inside GTA and running over people will get him bonus points.

4. Salman thought it was the beginning of Zombocalypse and the zombies were everywhere.

5. Salman is actually a cyborg sent from the future to curb population explosion.