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Salman's Driver admits writing story of the film 'Veer'

01, Apr 2015 By parthya

MUMBAI: In hearing of a PIL here today, Salman’s driver, A. Singh, admitted to writing the story of the film ‘Veer’, released in 2010 and assaulting senses on TV ever since.

In the last hearing of the 2010 run-a-film-call-it-a-hit case, Khan had deposed before the court and said he had not come up with the story of the film and claimed it was Singh who did so.

Salman Khan with his Driver
Salman Khan with his Driver

The actor had also denied the prosecution’s charge that he had acted in the said film. “Just because I am in it, doesn’t mean I acted in it.”, Khan had said at the time. To which Judge L B W Deshpande, having seen the actor’s earlier films, agreed wholeheartedly and had prosecution’s charge squashed.

Khan, attired in white shirt and blue denim jeans, posed before the paparazzi before posing before judges. “Rita Lulla’s Trials & Tribulations Summer Collection 2015”, answered the star on “What are your wearing?” question.

“Hehe, we do not have option like the accused and the witnesses. We are like New Zealand, all blacks. Chorage Tailor collection”, the Judge had replied on similar question.

Veer, a film steered by A. Sharma, was released in 2010 across India, with a screenplay that wandered aimlessly in pre-independence period finally crashing into revenge shop, finishing 1 distributor’s business and badly injuring 4 others’. A film so bad that even Adarsh Taran called it “colossal disappointment“. The actor had said that Adarsh is not expert.

Judge is also likely to take into consideration that initial story had full time part of the character played Sohail Khan. Judge remarked that it was only due to the wisdom of the director in the killing the character early in the film that further mishap was avoided.