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Salman to bring back Tiger Memon from Pakistan in Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2.0

29, Jul 2015 By yogesh911

Mumbai. Salman’s driver has come out in court hearing Yakub’s mercy plea stating that he was the mastermind behind the Mumbai bombings and Yakub had been falsely implicated in the case. In May, he had claimed to be at the wheel of Salman’s car that rammed into the bakery and later accepted to have slit black buck Salman Khan has been charged against.

Salman Khan on his way to meet the 'victim' Yakub Memon.
Salman Khan on his way to meet the ‘victim’ Yakub Memon.

It is learnt that he asked that Yakub should be acquitted and the case should be reopened against him since he is a respectable man. Reports suggested that Yakub has hired Salman’s lawyers and has signed a pact stating he is going to pay the lawyers a lakh for every year he lives.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan star, Salman has sympathized with Yakub and has promised that he will go to Pakistan, find Tiger Memon and bring him back through the same tunnel. Sources reveal that Salman’s driver will again meet an accident like the one he met at Mumbai bakery for which Salman is being prosecuted. But just like Salman’s movies, the script is not changed here too. This time Tiger Memon will die and Salman will step out of the back seat.