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Salman Khan to star in Expendables 4 by Sylvester Stallone, to play role of a driver

31, May 2015 By dashy

Bromance is blooming between Sylvester Stallone and Salman Khan. In the last few days, Sly and Sallu Bhai have been singing praises of each other on Twitter.

So much, so that, Sly has ended up offering Salman a chance to star in his next Expendables movie.

Shudhh Videshi Bromance?

Having seen all the first three parts of the franchise, and having followed the Salman Khan hit and run case, its easy to guess that Salman will probably end up being the designated driver of the Expendables’ crew.

So, basically he will get another chance to run over people, while driving an SUV and yet not go to jail in the end. Talk about Deja Vu!

It has also been reported, by my drunk sources, that Shiney Ahuja has started tweeting in favor of Sly and Sallu both, but since Expendables usually don’t have any rape scenes, I doubt he will be offered a role.

There have also been reported talks of roping in Sanjay Dutt in a special cameo in the movie. After all, someone needs to hold on to the guns, while the others have a blast, right?

Disclaimer: The Blooming Bromance between Sly Stallone and Salman Khan should not be misinterpreted as having anything to do with Ireland legalizing Gay Marriages.