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Salman Khan to give tips to UPSC aspirants

30, Jul 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

New Delhi. A group of UPSC aspirants, who call themselves BhaiIPSStudyGroup, are planning to ask Salman Khan for guidance about clearing the Civil Services exam after watching Kick. In the movie Salman Khan (aka Bhai) acts as a high-tech thief (it’s totally original, don’t think otherwise), who is chased by an IPS officer acted by Randeep Hooda. In the climax, just one day after being chased by the IPS officer, he replaces him as an officer.

“Though it was not clearly mentioned. But logically, he is replacing an IPS officer, so he should also be an IPS officer. We were stunned and amazed by Bhai’s talent, so we are planning to ask him for the tips,” explained Radhe Shukla, the leader of the group, setting aside his long hair from his face.

Salman with one such aspirant.
Salman with one such aspirant.

When we asked if it wasn’t a sacrilege to use logic in Bhai’s movies, Radhe blushed and explained, “It is fault of UPSC. Because of which we were forced to prepare for logical reasoning too, and some of it got stuck. That is why we are planning to protest against UPSC too.” When we asked whether he was with the protesters protesting in Delhi, he replied, “No, no. They are protesting for language or something. Our issue is with logic only. Our language is as good as Bhai’s.”

The group came into being through social media after watching Wanted, where Bhai acted as an undercover IPS officer – apparently, first such high-ranking officer as an undercover in the history of the cinema. It inspired hundreds of these youths to become IPS officer and woo some girl like Aayesha Takia, earlier they had smaller dreams about girls like Bhumika Chawala.

The group had planned to ask Bhai for tips that time itself, but by the time the group was formed, Bhai had demoted himself to a daroga, so they dropped the plan and started preparing for the exams of daroga recruitment. Later Bhai kept confusing them about their goals, by doing different roles in different movies against different actresses. Now Kick has reignited the passion in these youths about serving the society again, about being a better human.

According to later unconfirmed reports, Bhai has asked these guys to meet “youth icon” Chetan Bhagat to ask for guidance. Because Bhagat is one of the four highly-talented writers of the script of the movie, who arduously copied the script from a South Indian movie within in a few months only.