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Salman Khan to be nominated as Team India's cricket coach

19, May 2015 By navjit

Mumbai: After recent developments in Salman Khan case, BCCI (Bhartiya Cricket CONs of india) decided and offered that Salman khan must

Salman ready to HIT & RUN
Salman ready to HIT & RUN

be appointed as Indian cricket Teams Hit and Run coach. Our correspondent, Mr.Bikaoo reporter, through his secret friend sources, came to know that a lot of discussion has undergone for Salman’s appointment.

But to everyone’s surprise and D Bhai’s decision Salman was un-animously decided as the India Coach. Also, they were heard saying that Salman can teach and coach the advertising professional alias cricket team about the knitty gritties of the situation. Keeping in view of almost 13 years of experience of Mr.Salman Khan, it is being speculated that batsmen will be able to dodge the Umpires or reality show judges very easily, even in case of a run out.