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Salman Khan threatens to treat rapists in the same way he treated his previous girlfriends

21, Dec 2012 By fakenewsindia

Joining the massive outcry against another Delhi gang-rape case, the Bollywood brat Salman Khan announced a frightening decree that he would treat all rapists in the same barbaric manner he treated his hapless former girlfriends. The threat came after Salman earlier announced thatrapists should be killed – an option many rapists prefer than getting the same treatment meted out to his previous girlfriends like Somy Ali, Sangeeta Bijlani, Katrina Kaif etc.

 impressive track record in girl friend bashing

The muscle man infamous legendary tales of  pulling the hair, pouring soft drinks on hair or simply beating the shit out of his former girlfriends seem to have had some effect on the rapists as following the announcement, the country’s rapists are said to be living in acute fear and are not likely to venture out for a while.

Salman Khan tearing his “Being human” shirt and donning another shirt with “Being inhuman” emblazoned spoke,” Everyone needs to be courageous and go completely Dabaang 2.0 now and beat the living daylights out of these perverts. This country has no place for them.”

Jaya Bachchan, a Bollywood breed MP, after breaking down over the rape issue in Parliament has taken work home and has decided to relocate her famous granddaughter Aaradhya  to an undisclosed location. “Who knows when my one-year-old granddaughter gets raped? Safety over anything,” said Jaya.

Interestingly, rapists across the country have also condemned the recent gang rape incident calling it highly deviant in nature. A Haryana rapist has the opinion,” Who enjoys raping women that way! They are a big shame to the entire rapist community. Hang them.” Some olden days rapists based in Delhi also fears that the recent incident spells doom for their existence at the capital as the extreme nature of the rape entails career threatening consequences for everyone.

Meanwhile, the entire population of female in Delhi has threatened to leave Delhi for safer places if another rape takes place. Some stray incidents of gang rapes of Delhi men were also reported in revenge attacks. A women underground group with ideologies bending towards extreme Right-wing is rumoured to be the culprits.

At the press time, Salman Khan along with hundreds of bare chested fans had started prowling in search of rapists on Delhi streets littered with bloodied sanitary pads left behind by Delhi University female students as their form of protest.

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