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Salman Khan offered lead role in Buck Dynasty, a reality TV series focussing on buck calls

03, Jun 2015 By anuj

Alaska: Popular actor and sentence suspendee Salman Khan went into shock after he was offered a lead role in “Buck Dynasty”, a US based reality TV series to be shot in the beautiful Alaska.

“Salman practicing his shots for Buck Dynasty.”

Coincidentally, Faking News reporters were on a holiday at Alaska and didn’t waste much time reaching out to Steven Hunter, director and producer of the series. Here’s what Steven said about Salman and his suitability for the venture.

“I’ve been a fan of Salman Khan ever since I saw him in the ‘Dhinka Chika’ video moving his hands inside trouser pockets. That movement is actually a primitive hunting technique adopted for confusing the prey, a skill very much essential for buck calling as well. His experiences with monkeys and pigeons in movies can easily be considered a plus for the new role. I think he has all the credentials necessary for being the king of Buck Dynasty.”

“Abhijeet ready with his guitar for Alaska trip.”

“Salman’s experience with buck shooting in particular, is invaluable and we expect amateurs participating in our show to get full hands-on while working with him”, said a determined Steven as he drove away in his BMW.

Meanwhile, those looking for career revival had huge smiles on their faces after Salman recommended Abhijeet’s name for background music and Farah Khan Ali’s name for costumes.

Sources say, Salman is quite optimistic about this show but totally pessimistic about returning to India once the Season 1’s shooting in Alaska is complete.