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Salman Khan new film announced: Jackie Shroff feels relieved

14, Sep 2016 By Probaha Roy

MUMBAI: As the first look of Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ was released, the entire nation went into a frenzy as Salman Khan fans started to celebrate by driving cars randomly over footpaths. In different corners of the countries, at different pan shops, ‘Black buck effigy shooting’ ceremonies were organized to commemorate this inauspicious occasion. Among all this, there was a man who was feeling relieved seeing the name of the movie. And he is none other than the Bollywood superstar Jackie Shroff.

Jackie Shroff's dream..
Jackie Shroff’s dream..

According to rumors, in his last movie ‘The Flying Jatt’ after battling the enemies in different places like- deep under the sea or on the moon, Tiger Shroff has not returned home yet. When we contacted his father Jackie Shroff, he quipped in his familiar style “Mujhe to lag raha behenc**d NASA ne hi uska kidnap kiya”. While some said he is saving the earth by battling on the surfaces of Pluto,there was also rumor going around that he was too scared to return home after this film, as the audience was demanding their money back. When we contacted Mr Vaghela, the chief of National Tiger Conservation Authority he told this behavior ‘Shameful’. Later he clarified that he was talking about the audience. not Tiger, which we automatically assumed.

But as Salman Khan released the first look of his new movie ‘Tiger Zinda hai’, Jackie Shroff is probably the most relieved person at the moment. When contacted he said, “Ch**iya abhi tak zinda hai, ye hi kaafi hai”. As a few Tiger Shroff fans joined the effigy shooting ceremonies one Salman Khan fan shouted, “Humara bhai Being Human hai..wo sab humano ka khayal rakhta hai, tiger se le ke haathi tak “,

Salman Khan was unavailable for comments but later he posted some tweets whose meanings are yet not known to any of us. According to the latest reports, two organizations of Facebook grammar nazis are working with RAW to decode those tweets.