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Salman Khan involved in another Hit & Run case, this time in day light in full public view

04, Jun 2015 By KhaVi

A cricket match was organised by Salman Khan for his charity Being Human. It was played between Khan brothers’  team and Sanjay Dutt’s team. It was sponsored by Raj Thackeray and Uddhav Thackeray respectively.

It was a bright sunny day on Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The stadium was fully packed with Salman fans. Everyone enjoyed free wifi to share statuses and selfies during the match. Twitter was flooded with Salman Khan’s fan’s tweets on the hashtag, #BhaiOnField . There were many brand endorsements made like ‘Dixcy Scott-The Ultimate Winner’.

Salman Khan
Salman hit and ran after this

The attendance on the ground was star studded. Salim Khan was one of the Umpire. And to everyone’s surprise Abhijeet Bhattacharya was on mic in the commentary box and Farah Ali Khan as a host.

Salman won the toss and chose t0 bowl first. Sanju Baba’s team scored a total of 269/8 in 50 overs. With Sanjay Dutt scoring 84 in 56 balls. Salman’s batsman did exceptionally well and gave team a great start. The match seemed that Salman Khan would easily win. But the bowlers took the wickets and brought the match back in their hands. Salman came to rescue and hit amazing shots and scored a roaring 100 in just 69 balls.

The match got thrilling in the last over when 13 runs were needed in just 2 balls. The bowler bowled a wide ball, now it was 12 in 2 balls. Salman was on strike and he landed the ball in the crowd for a massive six. All Bhai fans were tensed. Salman looked confident for the last ball just like he is before his movie release. The bowler took a run and Salman was standing ahead of the crease with an intend to hit the maximum. And it was a SIX. The ball went outside the stadium and celebration begin. The winning team got a brand new SUV.

But the ball hit a dog sleeping on a footpath. No one knew until a PETA member discovered it at night, and filed a complaint in nearby police station. The police filed an FIR and charged Salman Khan in Hit and Run case. According to the sources, Salman’s lawyer has assured that he will get him out of this case just like his previous one. Salman reportedly has paid a hefty fee to his lawyer. Everyone’s looking forward  for this case.