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Salman Khan had incorporated 2 new NGOs before the verdict

06, May 2015 By spk2006

Last night Salman Khan incorporated two new NGOs to prepare himself for the verdict today. His business manager and image consultant said that this was an altruistic move by the actor.

The names of the NGOs are “Being Driver” and “Being Innocent”.

If he is charged guilty today he will focus all his efforts on the NGO-Being Innocent. However, if his driver is charged today, he will actively work towards the welfare for all drivers in India through his NGO-Being Driver.

Some of his critics say that this is also a retirement move by Salman Khan if the judgement come against him today.

A leading marriage consultant in Mumbai views this move by Mr. Khan as a Bio-Data building action as he had no social service experience causing many actresses to reject him for marriage.