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Salman khan got a lead in movie named as "Nirvana of Chinkara" directed by late Chinkara's son

11, May 2015 By tanvi

Mumbai. Salman just have announced his lead role in said movie directed by the Chinkara’s son. An awesome party was thrown at JW by Mr. Khan. Everyone from Bollywood was invited. They have also inaugurated the Chinkara’s idol at Galaxy apartment. Story is based on the poor life of Chinkara.

As per the story, it was so merciful of Mr. Khan to donate death to the poor buck. Buck was suffering from famous diseases such as alcohols, smoke, Bribery, aneurysms, bronchitis, emphysema, and stroke. On the other hand, Mrs. Buck was trying to elope with her boyfriend.

And then Mr. Khan comes as Bucks ka Maseeha, he brought Mr. Buck on right track and then poor buck pleaded for a mercy death to attain salvation, as he was too scared to die on his own. He named all his property for the Mr. Khan’s “beefing Human” charitable trust, which avails fund for killing needier mercifully to attain Nirvana.

This incident changes life of Mrs. Buck and generates true honor in her eyes for husband. She quits the eloping idea and joins the “beefing Human” with her beau. Also, gains a position of “Prernadayi Maa” of the trust.

Mr. Khan has appointed Abhijeet as his driver for the movie and lead heroin will be played by Katrina, Priyanka and Deepika. They will partly play the same role because of a plastic surgery which happens thrice to the character.

As per film critics, movie has been predicted to earn 1000 Crows. Awesome story. A must watch!