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Salman Khan gets Sooraj Barjatya movie after his virginity comment

19, Mar 2014 By Punit Hissaria

Salman Khan finally got Sooraj Barjatya movie after he admitted about his virginity on a famous TV show.  Internal sources said that Barjatya waited 16 years for this comment after last movie with salman, Hum Sath Sath Hain.  Barjatya talked with faking news about this.

Bold and virgin
Bold and virgin

“I never thought that I will ever be able to work with Salman again. In Rajshree production we want only virgin cast. That’s why we sign Amrita , Sonu, Isha even Alok nath(still virgin).  Actually Rajshree production is in religious movies and want audience to come with aarti ki thali. Even tickets are sold as Mata ka chanda.  We never thought that Salman will leave Kartina untouched to do our movie. We are in talk with Sunny or Poonam for leading lady. Honey has  been singed for Bhajans in the movie. “

Salman said, “Virginity, LOL, as Rahul baba says it’s just state of mind. Actually after building six packs one half of my body does not know what other half is doing. I gave benefit of doubt. Rajshree movies are like Ganga, you look clean and sanskari after doing it.”

We have taken reactions of some other actors on this:

Sohail:- Virgin Lol mere bhai kuch chije karni padti hai kuch chije nahi karni padti

SRK:- Chennai Express has done 400 cr business!! Salman who ?

Aamir:- Vo mera show nahi dekhegaa

Prasun :- Kranti kari bahut kranti kari!!

Few actresses:- ohh who was that day then!!