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Salman Khan to be the face of next GTA game

26, Jul 2016 By yogesh911

Mumbai. Rockstar Games has released the GTA 7 poster exclusively in India at an event organized by Being human. Speculation is that the game is heavily based on Salman’s life.The gaming giant has bought the rights to use Salman’s face in the game.The poster shows an all muscled Salman faced character with a tag line, “Bhai ko convict karna mushkil hi nai namumkin hai”.

Initial poster release world wide for bhai's fan, for upcoming game
Initial poster release world wide for bhai’s fan, for upcoming game

The official release came alongside Rajasthan High court’s acquittal of Salman khan in chinkara poaching case. The older versions GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City are remembered as where you could go on a hit and run spree, shoot as many people, hit women and fight with people and always get away with it. The Rockstar games official claimed that the previous games had been slightly based on Bhai’s life and the makers had always relied on his life’s events to bring in innovation in the game. Like Salman’s life hacks, the game had cheat codes which you could use to get unlimited money, lives, get away with murder and never go to jail.

The GTA 7’s initial video release shows Salman drinking water while his driver drives over people as Bhai requests him to stop doing it even if they can make a mockery of the law and order later, Bhai is also seen telling Vivek Oberoi that Dawood is not a good person and he will never threaten Oberoi with his connections with Don. In another release Salman is seen tripping on acid and visualizing a grazing Chinkara for an attacking tiger as he takes out his khukri. Coincidence has it that the chinkara steps on a landmine and kills itself. So the GTA 7 shows a frustrated Bhai always being convicted in false cases. Amazon India’s website crashed when it launched the first 25000 copies of the game in a flash sale as UP rickshawalas logged in to lay their hands on it.