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Salman fans take law books into own hands; will defend bhai in High Court

08, May 2015 By sidmmxi

Mumbai: Following the unjust verdict on the Salman Khan hit-and-run case, the Bar Council of India has been inundated with applications from angered fans who have hence decided to take matters into their own hands and defend bhai in high court themselves. Mobs of youth in “Being Human” t-shirts sporting the star’s trademark turquoise stone bracelet could be seen thronging local cyber cafés across the country to apply for the All India Bar Examination 2015 to be held later this month.

Fans Marching at gate Way of India for Salman Khan
Fans Marching at gate Way of India for Salman Khan

“We are extremely disappointed with our judiciary. A gross injustice has been carried out today. The fact that the court didn’t take into account the 600-odd heart surgeries and countless cancer treatments bhai sponsored reeks of corruption in the system. The lawyers were on the take too, just like the judge”, said a disgruntled fan. Another fan, who also chose to remain anonymous, kept insisting that bhai is a changed man, whilst refusing to do up the top 3 buttons on his shirt.

A horde of about a thousand also met near Gateway of India here in Mumbai to express their solidarity for the fallen star and carried out a candlelit vigil in quiet devotion. While most agreed that taking to the bar was the best approach, some were of the opinion that section 299 in itself was flawed and needs replacing by something that afforded a little more wiggle room to rich celebrities. There were also heated arguments with Salman detractors who believed he got what he deserved, but in the end, the tension was lifted when the bhai gang chose to take the high road and put an end to things by saying that one should try and get to know a person before speaking ill of them.