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Salman fans demand compensation and 'justice for bhai' from courts after watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan

20, Jul 2015 By punitamaheshwari

Yet again, Salman Khan has left his fans mesmerized after another messiah-like performance in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and the icon has successfully strengthened his stature of a deity. Against the backdrop of the movie, the ‘religious followers’ have demanded the Supreme Court to compensate Salman for the mental torture he has gone through following the cases lodged against him in the past 15 years.

The nation witnessed throngs of people staging protests as soon as they left movie theaters. With Bajrangi Bhaijaan scoring money like Richie Rich, the number of supporters for the kind cause are growing at the rate of Salman’s biceps.

A self-appointed leader of one such group, outside a movie theater near Sallu’s residence, was screaming his lungs out to dp the ‘selfie’ with the movie poster, as a symbol of solidarity.

Salman Khan
He has done a lot of good work, now he needs justice.

The followers picked rainbow colored dps from the gay rights’ movement, not knowing that it is for a different purpose. But who cares, it looks more meaningful and dedicated. And it goes with Bhai’s ‘colourful’ persona.

They demanded ‘Justice For Bhai’ as #justice4bhai trended worldwide on Twitter.

The Supreme Court released a report which stated that it was not legally possible for the fans to file a complaint against the court’s proceedings, to which lawyer, representing the fans, responded, “It is Salman Khan we are talking about, then why are we even talking about rules??? Like seriously, you need some Bollywood dose.”

The court had to finally accept the gravity of the thick soup it has landed into.

The lawyer also shared confidential information of the highest superlative degree with The Faking News. These were the arguments he would present in front of the court. “After watching the movie, one of the Pakistani soldiers crossed the border to hug his Indian counterpart. Don’t you see the impact of the movie? This movie has the potential of wiping off the enmity which even infinite years of diplomacy could not resolve.”

Feeling the heat of the situation, Goswami had sent an invitation to Salman Khan for his show, but got only a reply from his office saying that Salman is now busy taking driving lessons. Feeling somewhat relieved for the beggars on the footpath, Goswami did not insist much, not wanting to disturb bhai’s routine .

Surprisingly enough, Salman ‘Dabangggg’ fan club in Bandra has support of the feminists too. The feminist lot is on cloud nine as Kareena has got more than five dialogues in the movie, which is a big leap forward from Jai Ho.

Meanwhile, in Tamil Nadu, devotees are singing Rajni Sir’s bhajans and accusing media of ignoring their ‘God’ for a long time now. Above anything else, they are still convinced that Rajnikanth is their only god and can generously position Salman Khan as his disciple.