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Salman celebrates case let out with an 'Antelope Feast'

26, Jul 2016 By varunsundars

Mumbai: Gala Party with Antelope Feast!

After Rajasthan court recently left Salman free of his poaching charges, the breaking news is that Salman is right now on a massive gala party on his clubhouse hosting ‘Antelope feast’ to all his dear lawyer fraternity for winning this noble case. It was also known that Salman will be cutting a huge Chinkara shaped cake with ‘Blind Folded Justice Lady’ shaped candles! Meanwhile one of the lawyer present at this event explained the secrets behind this historical verdict that has stunned the entire nation.

Salman on the midst of the 'Antelope Feast'
Salman on the midst of the ‘Antelope Feast’

The truth behind let out:

Mr. ‘Jhooth Booth’, one of the beneficiaries of the Salman case (sorry… lawyer) revealed exclusively to FakingNews about how Salman’s side won the case. He said that when Salman poached the alleged antelope, it must probably be accompanied by its herd. But when we asked the forest officials to bring one of the closed related ‘witness’ antelope of the deceased, they were not able to bring one. To keep things fair we even offered to accept a video recorded statement about the case, but the poor antelope was not able to converse fluently in Hindi as our Salman in Sultan and hence we won the case!

Salman’s biopic- ‘The King of Escapes’:

In the post party press meet Salman exclaimed, “Are Bhai, I would have even shot one more lion, a family of tigers and even a bunch of dinosaurs if I have known this happy ending. Long live Indian law”. It was also known that Salman is all set to build a statue to late Dr. B.R Ambedkar for giving us a fool proof constitution! Meanwhile, a lot of leading Bollywood directors have approached Salman’s manager to have his dates for their new real life story based movie titled, ‘Salman: The King of Escapes’.

Gala party at Salman's house after an unprobable escape
Gala party at Salman’s house after an unprobable escape

Salman’s advice to Vijay Mallya!

It was also known from our secret sources that Salman has given special advice to Vijay Mallya to come and boldly face the trials in India as he had did. He had encouraged Mr. Mallya by saying that before Indian constitution the ‘Truth always triumphs’. Salman had also offered to provide a set of his lawyers for his trial if needed given he has already given life long contract for them ahead of all his past, present and future cases!

An icing on the cake: Salman’s warning to ‘Sultan’ movie rippers!

And to top it all, Salman has warned the movie rippers of his recently released ‘Sultan’ movie by requesting government to take stern action through severe laws allowing no escape for violators. Can anyone please ask him back what would have happened if it had happened with his case too? If after a decade of long investigations, thousands of true confessions and mammoth efforts of forest officials and police officers, a movie star can take advantage of law then has the so called term ‘fair trial’ in law gone extinct? Is it only ‘Note (Currency) alone triumphs’???

Salman’s upcoming releases: Hit and Run : Part 2 and Poaching the Black Bucks : Part 2

It was also known that directors of Salman have breathed a sigh of relief after all cases against him was dismissed meaning they will have some time to shoot their projects before the actor’s next big case! Salman’s innocent driver from his Part 1 of ‘Hit and Run’ movie has thanked him for a luxurious life time sentence given for his loyalty and have even requested him personally to feature his son in his upcoming flick ‘Hit and Run: Part 2’ which will hit the theaters very soon with a BANG!