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Salman and Jaya not convicted to honor 100 years of Indian cinema

11, May 2015 By fundude

In the wake of acquittal of Salman Khan and Jayalalita by Indian courts, cinema lovers are in ecstatic frenzy. People all over are reported to relishing the victorious moment of their superstars.

“This has quadrupled my faith in Indian judiciary,” Beamed a visibly over-joyed Prem Murugan, a gym instructor from Chennai. Prem is such a die-hard fan of Salman that he went against all odds to keep a North Indian name and chiselled a muscular body on his five feet frame.

Meanwhile a small section of people were reported to show their discontent on judiciary.

“Money buys you everything,” Revealed a student of humanity from IIT Madras, “Right or wrong, we still hang in cinematic realism.”

However, every doubt and discontent was shed off when Sukhi Wakil came in defence of Indian judiciary.

“We are celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema. Nothing would honor the ocassion better than ccquittal of two cinestars, howsoever serious their charges may be,” as he put it.

“Long live cinema- on death-bed of judiciary,” Retorted a retired professor.