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Salman 5 years, then government deserves 20 years imprisonment

07, May 2015 By akanksha

Mumbai: Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in Hit and Run case. Salman Khan Fan club believes that the government is infinite times more a culprit than Bhai in this case, hence, government should be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for the same.

The decision has come 13 years later. Pandavas completed their Vanvas and Agyatvas in 13 years, and our Judiciary took that long to give a decision.Following are the rationale given by the fan club of Bhai:

Had the Govt. been able to provide houses to those sleeping on the pavement, the whole episode could have been avoided. So who is responsible? Yes, the government for not providing residential facility to those whom it so unshamefully asks for votes.

If Salman for 5, Modi for 20 Years: Demand of Liberals Cum Salman Fans
If Salman for 5, Modi for 20 Years: Demand of Liberals Cum Salman Fans

Had Maharashtra been a Dry state like Gujarat, the accident would not have taken place.

Area where people sleep on pavements, should be declared no traffic zone late evening. But Govt. failed to do even this. They allow cars on roads where people are sleeping on pavement. How inconsiderate!

The tires do not sense the difference between a charcoal road and human tissue. Our Ministers plan how to use pee judiciously but fail to develop smart cars or smart tires. What a shame!

In spite of eye witnesses, we listen to the lawyers’ humbug: ‘Driver was driving’. We have made a mockery of our own system.

If people who sleep on pavements, keep an eye open to sense approaching vehicles, such accidents can be averted. But they sleep carelessly and are not questioned by the Govt. What a crap!

So decide for yourself who is the culprit.