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Sajid Khan to plan a full fledged attack on Indian minds

25, Sep 2014 By adityah

MumbaiMisleading Leading film maker of the decade, Sajid khan is planning to have an attack on Indian minds. While his last movie, humshakals was just a small warning, he has decided to plan a bigger attack.

Our faking news reporter braved all odds and took an interview of Sajid Khan in Sajiban area. The area had more than thousand TVs continuously showing his terrors – Himmatwala and Humshakals. Our reporter came back wounded and has been taken to the mental hospital.

This is what Sajid Khan said in his interview-

  • Reporter– What is your plan?
  • Sajid– Really simple, I will just attack the minds of Indian people and make them forget those Hirani’s good movies.
  • Reporter– how do you plan to do it?
  • Sajid– Its simple. Before my attack, there are two minor attacks which are carried by my trusted allies, farah and shirish. While farah has already started the planning of first attack aka called HAPPY NEW YEAR, Shirish will soon make a movie JOKER 2.
  • Reporter– But how did farah manage to convince so many actors for a movie considering all the actors shah rukh khan , deepika padukone, abhishek bachchan, boman irani and sonu sood have worked in meaningfull movies ?
  • Sajid– (LAUGHING) We have threatened them that if they would not work with us , their families would be shown humshakals and himmatwala without break. So all agreed.
  • Reporter– What about shirish?
  • Sajid – Shirish is planning to make JOKER 2 with Manmohan singh as a lead role. To increase his attack, he will have posters outside saying , FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF INDIA , MANMOHAN SINGH SPEAKING.People will come running to the theaters to watch the movie .
  • Reporter– And whats your plan?
  • Sajid– My plan is the last attack which will entrely eliminate indian minds. The launch of HUMSHAKALS 2 which will have legendary actors KAMAAL R KHAN , UDAY CHOPRA AND HARMAN BAWEJA playing 6 roles . They will essay both actors and actresses role.
  • Reporter– But how will you plan to attract people to the cinema halls?
  • Sajid– Easy . Just but posters of intellectual actors like irrfan khan, nawazuddin siddiqui, rajkumar rao and arshad warsi so people will think it is an oscar movie and come and watch. After they reach inside , we will close the doors. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Meanwhile, Indian govt has declared a national emergency and police and the army are being trained to protect the civilians.