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Sajid Khan the Director: An outline of an adult prodigy

11, Jul 2014 By Golden Tooth

Mumbai born (circa 1971), Sajid Khan  is  is a renowned director, actor, script writer, talk show host , presenter and depressing-motivator.  Mr Khan is widely acclaimed by few novice pundits as  “Master of all trades, Jack of none”.   Mr Khan has had directed many movies, notable amongst them are  Himmatwala and Hamshakals, which though didn’t garner much audience on Earth, but witnessed packed houses in heavens and hell, a feat without precedence.

Sajid Khan
“Yes, I am.”

Mr Khan’s film direction talent went unnoticed throughout his teenage and youth until mobile phones came into vogue into India. In 2005, legendary director Ramgopal Verma (RGV) noticed a mobile clip made by him to instantly realize the mojo in him and offered him a movie. Little did one know that he would someday be the successor of RGV art of film making. In what would be a watershed in the field of direction in Bollywood, he made his directorial debut with the movie “Darna Zarrori hai” released in 2006.

Mr Khan has since then gained expertise in “Broth or khichdi” formula, by roping in established stars which help in camouflaging flaws (if many any) in his direction or acting of anyone from the cast of the film. Mr Khan’s movies are often seen as “Critic’s paradise” who would wait for the release of his movies much like an athlete who wait for Olympics to showcase his skills. Several Unknown critics have made name by writing vitriol on his movies . Some critics claim that “a typical Sajid Khan movie receives more views on its criticism than the movie itself (Period)”.

In 2013, the release of his movie “Himmatwala” served as a litmus test for the much hyped resilience of a common man in India.  Though most elite class Indians cringed back hearing the reviews, the common man showed remarkable fortitude to withstand 150 minutes of the psychological inferno.  Barring a few people who lost it, most of the people got away without any visible problem, thanks to constant warnings of critics.

Several international movie stars and directors like James Cameroon lauded the courage shown by the Indian movie audiences.  Though a recent study indicates signs of psychological trauma, and in some cases psychosis in those people who have had watched the movie.

Recently the movie was inducted as a 4th degree torture for most dreaded terrorist in the famed Guantanamo Bay prison, a move heavily criticized by  United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR).

Mr Khan has a knack of being in news one way or the other. Last Year Sajid Khan brought Akshay Kumar much needed publicity by claimed to have ended the bad patch of 6-7 flops of Khiladi through his houseful-2. The same year he brought Publicity to Jacqueline Fernandez by being her boyfriend. This year both Akshay and Jacqueline reciprocated by getting publicity for Mr Khan; while the former dropped him from Houseful-3 and the later shunted him out as her boyfriend.

Amidst strident criticism by his critics,  Mr khan has been making film after film, the most recent being “Hamshakals” .  His grit and determination has been a subject of many motivational videos on Youtube.  Discovery Channel has reportedly gained rights of the his latest film “Hamshakals” to test Bear Grylls survivor skills  while watching “Hamshakals” in isolation without break.

Several theaters across the country are now contemplating of offering bravery certificates to children under 14 who successfully survive his movies. Despite being  “quite” a name in bollywood, Mr Khan has got all awards except the IIFA awards, Zee Awards, Padam shree, Padam bhushan, Padam vibhushan and Bharat Ratan.