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Rohit Shetty recruited by NASA

24, Aug 2014 By AdityaSachan

Yes, its true. After Singham Returns made its 100 crores, NASA immediately offered a job for coach of spacewalks to Rohit Shetty.

As per NASA, they were really fascinated by how flawless Rohit Shetty showed his talent in spacewalks dynamics through his movies.

Rohit Shetty

“Villains flying in air, and then hero walks over them flying towards the flying car and comes down without a scratch! and that is when we at NASA said Eureka! This is the Guy,” said a senior scientist.

“It was obvious we had found the best trainer as Rohit Shetty for our astronauts who find spacewalk difficult. Even my Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from MIT could not teach me that! The way Rohit Sir has excelled in this subject. I only fear now of loosing my job,” said Head of Spacewalks.

As sources confirmed Rohit Shetty has already sent his Resume to begin with formal procedures for job. He though had few apprehensions but NASA agreed on all conditions after going through his fantastic experience.

“In last 10 years and 10 fantastic movies, the way Rohit Shetty has applied his knowledge of aerodynamics, fluid mechanism, body organics, it is amazing. Earlier in his films only few villains would fly, but with every film, more and more villains could fly in air, Hero can do spacewalk not just on earth but on roads full with potholes and traffic. Also now cars can fly, and we expect soon buildings would fly too. We at NASA have been observing Rohit Shetty closely and asking our astronauts to learn from his films. Now finally we realised that we really need him. And we are super-excited too,” said HR Policywala.

Astronauts seemed happy and excited too, as finally they get an opportunity to learn from guru of spacewalks. Sources said, Rohit Shetty will give a signature flying technique to every Astronaut just like Singham.