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Rohit Sharma's double century; Poonam and Chunky Pandey gonna double strip for him

04, Nov 2013 By dhotichor

After the mind boggling double century scored by Rohit Sharma’s today here in Banglore against Australia, Chunkey Pandey and Poonam Pandey announced that before the series against West Indies, they are gonna strip for this mega stand of Rohit Sharma.

Hearing this news the squirrels and lizards went back in their holes and demanding they can not take this torture from Chunky Pandey, they have every right to live and this ‘ChunkyAttyachar is too lame to handle. This duo of Pandey’s using LTE technology for better broadcast of their humble presentation so that none can miss not the single frame as they believe in intricacies.

First its gonna be a special, private screening for the Sharma, then it would be available for whole country to watch. Tickets are available and in demand. Perverted Society is in rush for bookings and want to use their hands on this fast and first.

After the first innings we interviewed Rohit and want to catch his reaction, he is humbly thanking both the Pandeys and did special request that in place for him they should dedicate this strip to Ramiz Raza and Navjot Singh Siddhu who were in commentary box when he touched this feat.

Hearing Chunky Pandey’s name Ramiz Raza applied for back visa to Pakistan and Siddhu was still in his jolly mood and said: “Chakk De phettey, Napp de gilli; Chunky hua to kya saath me Poonam bhi to hai Silly”; Jolly Good ji!