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Roadies Task: Find a TV channel which does not talk about Sachin

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In its latest season, the successful  series (yeah, right!) MTV Roadies has set up a new task, and probably the toughest ever on its show – Find a TV Channel that is not talking about Sachin!

The moment Rannvijay, in his Old Delhi macho-impressionist accent,  announced the task, series of ‘beeps’ ruled the screen. One of the girls on the show suddenly shouted, “Sachin Pilot?”. That very moment, she was eliminated from the show unanimously, in spite of being hot and a prominent user of cuss words, both English and desi.

Nikal baahar yahaan se, nikal $#*maa#$%*

Inside news is that one of the contestants, a Dravid devotee and a Sachin-hater, tried to cheat by listening to the radio for a lose end, but in vain. He was baffled to hear Sachin himself speak on the radio! For a moment, he doubted Sachin’s authenticity, later realized his greatness and cancelled his devotion membership to Dravid and joined Sachin  fan club on Facebook. He said, “I never thought such a difficult task would be given to us. I had learned and practiced all the gaali’s, even Googled for English ones to survive here, but that doesn’t seem to suffice.”

To the horror of the contestants, all the TV channels also have agreed to air the match by cancelling all the daily soaps. A rally was taken out by Gujarati housewives wearing silk sarees on the streets of Gujarat opposing this.

Now the organizers of the show repent airing this episode. When Nikhil Chinappa was asked for a comment, he refused to be associated with the show whatsoever. Meanwhile, Rannvijay said, “We expected at least one channel around India to talk about something else, but this has put us in an embarrassing situation as no contestant is winning.” Later it was revealed that the Rannvijay who commented, was in fact a less-famous-third-twin of Rannvijay.