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Roadies 11: Episode 1: ACP vs. Raghu

10, Mar 2013 By ronnie

After airing successfully for the first few seasons, the youth reality show is back again with its 11th edition. Rumored to be the only financial supporter of MTV, “ROADIES 11: aur kab tak” will be launched later today in Mumbai. The show has been compared to Ekta Kapoor’s saas-bahu soaps for its unnecessary twists and plots.

The show’s everlasting host Raghu Ram said earlier today, “Chutiye, maine banaya hai iss show ko, Maine!” (it is yet to be found out how his reply explains the comparison).

After a long unnecessary inauguration, the Roadies interview started and people from all corners of the country came to participate.


Contestant name: ACP Pradyuman.

*contestant enters the judges room with a raised eyebrow (as he always does)*

Ranvijay: Good Morning. Aap banduk niche rakhiye aur baith jayiye.

Rajiv: ehee heee heee hee hee heee.

*ACP sits down on the allotted chair*

Raghu: naam?

ACP: ji? kya?

Raghu: suwar ki aulaad ! naam pucha hai tera, teri maa ki.. ben ki… bhai ki…(a series of personal relatives were named similarly)

ACP(in a raised voice): Pradyuman hai mera naam. ACP of CID!

Rajiv: hee heee ehee hee CID hee  heee.

Raghu: CID? Chutiye! Iska fullform kya tera baap batayega?

*but ACP’s eyes were on a different hunt. His eyes caught a glimpse of Raghu’s shiny bald head*

ACP: ye, chamak kyu raha hai? Lagta hai iske andarr khazana chupa huwa hai! Daya, tor do! DAYA TOR DO! DAYAA? DAYAAA?

Raghu: Daya chahiye tujhe bencho! Rehem ki bhik maang raha hai mujhse? Abhi tujhe daya dilataa hoo haramkhor! *takes a mountain dew bottle* yeea tere pichware pe ghusa dunga chutiye!

*Ranvijay could sense the tensed situation. He swiftly took control of the situation and calmed Raghu with a forehead kiss. Raghu blushed and sat down. Love and rage engulfed him.

Meanwhile Rajiv laughed again and ACP stood up and raised his voice and screamed.*


*meanwhile Rajiv’s continuous background laugh was irritating Raghu. So Raghu broke 3 chairs, 2 cameras and 4 mountain dew bottles on Rajiv’s head. Rajiv fainted.*

Ranvijay (taking all the responsibility in his own hand now) : Acha to apke aur kya kya hobbies hai?

ACP: (rotating his hand as if screwing a bulb) Kaatil ko pakadna.

*Raghu ,meanwhile, started getting furious once again*

ACP: iss room mein kuch hai! Kuch theek nhi hai.

Raghu(standing up furiously): saale madarch**d! bahaut dekh liya abhi! Get out!! Teri panty ko utaar ke latka dunga! Dande ko jala kar rakh kar dunga chutiye! Teri maa ki..ben ki..bhai ki…chacha ki…chichi ki…*takes a mountain dew can and throws it towards ACP*

*meanwhile Rajiv got up and laughed once again. And the can hit ACP’s head and it started bleeding. When ACP checked his forehead…*

ACP: khoooooooon!!! Lagta hai murder huwa hai. Lekin laash kaha hai? DAYA LAASH KO KHOJO, YEHIN KAHIN HOGA! DAYAA? DAYAA?

Rajiv: heeheee ehheee heeehoo hoo hee hee hoo.

ACP: Lekin khooni andar aaya kaise? Lagta hai underground se aaya hoga! DAYAA ZAMEEN PHOR DO. DAYAA? DAYAA?

*and this continued for the next four minutes until ACP Pradyuman was brutally murdered by Raghu with a mountain dew can.

Raghu was felicitated later that  evening at CID headquarters for murdering The ACP.*