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Riot on YouTube between SRK’s and Salman’s fans; YouTube server down.

23, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In a recent unusual happening in the video social networking website YouTube, an online riot took place between Shahrukh Khan’s fans and Salman Khan’s fans, jamming the YouTube server. The start of the riot was recorded at 8 PM in the yesternight and is still active.

Hen laying egg
This is where it all started

The event took place on YouTube in a video uploaded by Ram Chaurasiya, a resident of Uttar Pradesh. The 14-second video shows a hen laying eggs.

The video which went unnoticed for 4 years without a single view, has now crossed the number of views of Gangnam Style, all credits to this recent riot.

According to the witnesses, the riot started with a ‘SRKisKinggg’ user commenting, “This is sh*t. SRK is the best.” which was replied within milli-seconds by another user ‘SalluTheBest’ as “SRGay is most worst actor ever….. Sallu Bhai is the best……”

These 2 comments diverted users on YouTube watching Bigg Boss episodes and random Mallu videos to this video, one by one. These users kept on commenting to prove which Khan is better. Gradually, the views surpassed Kolaveri Di’s and eventually, Gangnam Style’s, shocking the whole world.

As per the reports, 76328468 abuses were reported within an hour and more than 2000 new names were given to Shahrukh and Salman, on the comments section. During this event, the YouTube server got jammed due to an excessive number of comments made by the worldwide fans of the two Khans, which the server couldn’t handle.

The witnesses report that SRK fans are to be blamed for this riot whereas SRK fans reject this blame saying Salman’s fans are to be blamed. Reports says that the two groups had been fighting over whose movies are more intelligent. Comments such as “Chennai Express is the best movie ever made in the world”, countered by claims such as “Bodyguard deserved Oscar award for best script.”, were found.

In between, Aamir Khan fan clubs also commented “LOL” which were quickly reported as abuse and spam. The riot was so intense that Swami Spammeranand, the great astrologer, couldn’t even spam the YouTube videos by his comments spree and rather enjoyed this riot.

This event has alerted the Indian Government too. A Government official on the following day of the event said, “This event needs to be discussed in the Parliament. It is a very major issue and deserves more attention than these minor communal riots happening in Muzaffarnagar and various cities.” Digvijay Singh has even ordered a CBI enquiry saying, “Is video ki CBI jaanch honi chaiye.” He doubts that Ram Chaurasiya, the uploader of the video, has some links with RSS.

Kamaal R Khan has also commented, on this matter, stating that all these people are Deshdrohi. “Kick to these people and Kiss to my Deshdrohi-2, which will be a big blockbuster.”, he said. He later diverted the topic stating how he is the best Khan in Bollywood.

Ram Chaurasiya, the video-uploader, also came to know about this event and said, “I had even forgotten that I had uploaded a YouTube video.” He was delighted by the fact that his video has received the most number of views on YouTube. He also said, “Some Sai called me in the morning. He sounded very angry. But I could not understand what he was saying.”

After knowing that his video has become the most viewed video on YouTube, he realized that the person was PSY of Gangnam Style and not Sai. He, however, is sad that the hen in the video is no more. He gives all the credits to the hen and his Nokia 6600’s 1.3 MP camera which recorded this magical video. He declined to answer when asked about who his favorite Khan is.

After the event took place, reporters reached SRK’s and Salman’s apartments asking them their views on this online riot. Salman Khan delivered a message to those fighting in that video saying, “Do whatever you want to do man but don’t let Bigg Boss Season 7’s views come down. See how Gauhar is doing wrong by shouting on innocent Tanisha in this episode.” He didn’t answer the rest of the questions saying he is going to tweet some sensible stuff on twitter. Shahrukh Khan, on the other hand, said, “Karan told me about this event. I strongly feel that this shouldn’t have happened as clearly………” He couldn’t answer the rest because he was getting constant calls from Vi-John shaving cream’s and Fair and Handsome for Men cream’s advertising team.

The intense atmosphere at YouTube doesn’t seem to lower down. YouTube officials are, however, saying that curfew will be set on the particular video and orders have been given to ‘Block at sight’ if the users are found commenting in the video, anymore.