Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Riddles no longer stun boys

28, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Riddles or puzzles are ways to test the precocious mind. The youngsters still rejoice in answering the challenging queries when they find themselves tired of the class textbooks. New baffling questions were approaching before them. They were conditioning their mental efficiency to answer with the unique level of perfection.

Sometimes, their answers confound the wise examiner as his question before the child goes beyond what he has concealed in the perceptive mind. Such situations over and over again come and it necessarily brings either funny or mind-numbing state.

At present, the smartness is not the sole property of anyone. Everyone is sharp-minded. Everyone understands the peculiarities and the formalities.

A nursery class teacher asked every boy in the class a very simple question. Her query was thus: if you have as many as ten apples, how many will remain with you if three apples are given to Sita, four apples are given to Geeta and remaining three also given to Babita.

Every boy answered without losing a second and the teacher was flabbergasted. Though she was conscious of their delayed answers in the math problems, this quick answer was so stunning for her.

She gulped down a glass of water by sitting on her permanent chair in the class. The answer was every one of us will get three girlfriends. When the nursery boys were so smart, what can be thought of the higher class students?

The teacher must have realised by now that such thinking arises only from the excessive television viewing of the cartoon channels. The little gentry is killing more precious time on the television. Their mental sharpness rapidly increases from the exposure of normal or abnormal, good or bad, ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, acceptable or unacceptable, oriental or occidental scenes on the set.