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Richard Branson to partner with Salman Khan

04, Feb 2014 By Agnel

In another deal for Bollywoods muscle man – Salman Khan which would take him past his rival and King of Bollywood SRK – English business magnate and investor Richard Branson has approached him with an international deal that would put to shame even the BCCI.

The trigger for this is said to be a recent interview by the actor at a talk-show where he admitted of being pure and there was apparently one word that caught the attention of Branson.

When asked about the reason for choosing Salman Khan, Branson said “There is one thing that my companies pay attention to, which is evident from its name and this is also what all Indian men look for. Mr. Khan with that statement has bridged the gap for us. India is a huge market for us and has high potential for growth as well. I think this deal will seal it for us. Nobody is more popular than he is. He will help us connect with the masses”.

Salman Khan when approached said as he flexed his muscles “This is good. I am doing it Being a Human.”

The ads for various products would roll-out gradually. Watch this space for more.