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Revealed ,"Tragic Life" is a mandatory eligibility criteria for being a KBC contestant

26, Aug 2014 By Akash

Mumbai. Viewers of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), an Indian television game show, must have doubted or thought that how come every contestant reaching to the “Hot-Seat” has a tragic life story behind.  Some must have even doubted the stories shown and thought it of as “scripted”, which most of the reality shows actually are, except MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla.


Pressure has been piling up on the producers and Mr. Big B from last few days because of increased skepticism among viewers about truthfulness of stories and growing cases against KBC for maligning whole community/village just to get viewers eyes wet.  Putting an end to all the confusion Siddharth Basu, producer of KBC today revealed the truth behind these tragic and tearful stories.

In a press conference at Yashraj Films Studio, where the show is being shot, Mr. Siddharth Basu said,  “Everyone is here in the industry to make money and I am no exception. Pick up any show, for e.g  Jhalak Dikhlaja, DID, you won’t find any of there episodes without tears either in contestants or judges eyes. They all sell emotions which are all scripted. And here I too sell emotions but with real stories and make money out of it. So, just to be true to my profession from this season onwards  we had earlier made an eligibility criteria of   ‘Tragic Life’ for the participants. We only choose who are either poor or had a tragic past in any form whatsoever. However, sometimes we too dramatize stories for TRPs. And I find nothing wrong in that. Mr. Bachchan has also given us the nod to go ahead with this brilliant idea.”

Shocked by this blunt admission of truth behind KBC whole industry of reality shows is uncertain about their future. They all are so upset by this that stone pelting is reported late night on the houses of Mr. Bachchan and Siddharth Basu by the judges and participants of DID, Jhalak Dikhlaja. Possible participants of new season of  Bigboss 8 personally attacked the producer as they had a huge blow on their only source of hope to be in the industry.  Salman Khan is reportedly considering taking his name back from the show as he don’t want to disappoint real “Bhai Fans” and also don’t want to affect the business of his upcoming movies with same earlier scripts but  with changed title.

Mr. Bachchan showed his resentment on his favorite media Twitter. He claimed that he didn’t know about all this eligibility criteria. And alleged that Basu is taking his name just to be on safe side. He also said that producers are using his name because of fan following he carries and people won’t hate this sadistic criteria then. He blamed Basu of taking his advantage. Mr. Bachchan has now officially resigned from the show on moral grounds.

Interestingly, it’s also been revealed later that had the show continued and Mr. Bachchan hadn’t resigned the viewers would have seen former PM Mr. Manmohan Singh, Digvijay Singh and Mr. Sanjay Jha in 15th ,25th and 35th episodes as celebrities who perfectly  full fills the “Tragic Life” criteria.  More investigation on the issue also revealed that Censor board CEO, Mr Rakesh Kumar, had also been bribed by producers  to close the matter when he somehow got to know about this non-democratic criteria of the show.

This incident has surely dented the image of  reality shows in India. Still, India’s “Sab Chalta Hai” attitude may prove a boon for reality shows and all these reactions around may prove  ephemeral in nature. Producers of the show are hoping the same would happen this time also and they will soon be in the business again. The biggest answerer, “Time”, will reveal everything soon.