Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Requirements For A Haunted House

28, May 2017 By Aswin Madhu

3 BHK huge mansion and fully furnished with other features such as,

1. Slippery floors which aid the resident in falling down whenever chased by, or running away from the ghost

2. Pure timber kitchen cabinet doors which open and close all of a sudden.

3. Electrical appliances such as TV, radio and mechanical robot toys which turn on during night time.

4. Peaceful and quiet environment, except for strange sounds emitted from strange places at night. CAUTION : DON’T go into the direction of the sound… Run away from it !!!

5. Rich and colourful history full of blood, gore and murder.

6. Fully isolated from the rest of the world, so that you can never escape from the ghost by going to your neighbours’ houses.

7. Toilet mirrors which have the magical ability to show your reflection or the image of the ghost, right after you brush your teeth and go away.

8. Large backyard with swings moving suddenly at night-time.

9. An attic with all sorts of old stuff such as tapes of recent crimes committed right in the house.

10. A fully closed cellar containing bodies and organ parts of dead animals and dead corpses hidden in plain sight.

House Cost : Your soul, coz ghosts don’t need money for haunting.

For more details, you can’t contact the owner, since he’s already dead! But there’s always the creepy broker whose only job is to sell the house and get caught before the climax begins.