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Requirements for being an actress for commercial films

07, May 2017 By Aswin Madhu

Color : Fair; Even if she’s dark skinned, no problem, our make-up men will make sure that she stays fair in the film.

Height : ALWAYS shorter than the hero.

Weight : 50-60 kgs; Must be having strict control over diet. Fatsos : BEWARE, you will be body shamed !!!

Acting Skills : Basic knowledge of the emotions like happiness, sorrow, anger, anything more, and she’s rejected.

Dressing Sense : The heroine should be willing to wear the skimpiest outfits on this planet. She mustn’t cringe over wearing two-piece, bikinis, etc.

Dancing Skills : Belly dancing skills are a must.

Location : The film shooting for the heroine takes place in foreign locations, college outskirts, housing colonies, abandoned warehouses, etc.

Job Description :

Intro Scenes : She’ll be doing something cute such as speaking to school children, asking for donation, laughing along to some hideous joke with her friends, getting up from bed and annoying her family members, etc.

Love Scenes : She gets spotted by the hero and is stalked, ogled, forced, and at times, brain washed into loving the hero. Kissing scenes are included as per the will of the Censor board.

Song Scenes : Whatever the weather is, she should wear minimal clothing and seductively dance to a duet while the hero simply walks, watches, or is doing everything other than dancing.

Climax Scenes : It must be noted here that the villain is allowed to commit any sort of crime on her like rape, kidnap, torture, molestation, you name it, we include it. She should suffer silently or cry in pain, all the while waiting for the hero to come rescue his damsel in distress.

Other Characteristics : Should cry when villain rapes her, but smile when hero does the same to her.

Must try to reform the “Bad Guy” Hero at any cost, even if it puts her life at stake.

Subjected to insults and swearings from the hero and his comedian friend in a bar scene.

She should become pregnant, right on the day she loses her virginity to the hero. Represents every notion of idiocy and stupidity.

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