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Relief fund will be allocated for Dhoom 3 victims, says Arvind Kejriwal

28, Dec 2013 By bhasadeswar

New Delhi. He did it again! Dhoom3 victims have found a sympathizer in Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind, in a Junta Darbar, appealed the victims to contact him as his government would reimburse for Dhoom3 tickets. Arvind said that this was the minimum he could do to the people who had to go through such a man-made disaster. He said that his decision was based on thorough research. Though, he did not get a chance to watch the movie but based on a rigorous scientific study conducted by Mr Yogender Yadav he reached to this conclusion.

Viewers hoped this fire was for real.

AAP also called a press conference to explain the methodology of the study. They assembled a group of volunteers. To benchmark their ability to withstand torture, Kumar Vishwas recited his legendary poetry – “Koi pagal samajhta hai koi badal samajhta hai…”. The group did not just cope up with it, but on the contrary, relished it. Assured of its ability the group was sent to watch Dhoom3. When Mr. Yadav met the volunteers after the show, the disgust was palpable on their faces; however, to ensure thoroughness he gave a questionnaire to them. Their response was unanimous. Mr. Yadav did some number-crunching and presented the arithmetic of unprecedented torture backed up by shock-charts, frustration-analysis, dimag-ka-dahi-diagram, etc. AAP has also uploaded the questionnaire and response-data on its website.

Where YRF has decided to file a defamation suit, political parties are also criticizing Mr. Kejriwal. Mr Manish Tiwari, who might represent YRF in court, said, “We have a very strong case against AAP. The party is undermining its own principle. It appears that Mr. Kejriwal is not aware of the fact that YRF has offered employment to aam aadmis named Abhishek Bacchan and Udai Chopra and helped UPA government to extend MGNREGA to Bollywood. AAP has once again proved that it does not believe in democracy. Collecting 200 crores [rupees] in five days could not be possible without people’s support.” He asked rhetorically, “should AAP not go for a referendum on this issue?”

Arun Jaitley said, “Mr. Kejriwal has done what he is best known for. Firstly, he ditched Anna Hazare after using him for his political motives, now; he is targeting YRF which has given him his role model – the angry young man.”

Anna Hazare has welcomed this decision and said, “I will personally congratulate Arvind as whatever he has done is completely in line with my principle.” He sees this decision as a step towards right to recall. He said, “There must be a provision of refunding cost of ticket if someone does not like the movie. Tying someone for three hours just because he made a mistake is immoral.”

Surprisingly, Yogaguru Ramdev did not like Arvind’s decision and said, “If AAP finds a movie which portrays Katrina Kaif in such outfits torturous, the only conclusion I can draw is that the party is full of gays.”

Udai Chopra’s reaction to this news was – KYA MUMMY!