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Reasons for fire at SRK's residence Mannat

22, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai: Fire broke out at SRK ‘s residence on thursday night. The reason for fire is still unknown.Various reliable sources have confirmed different and contrasting reasons. Here are some of those reasons.

Some say its karma resulting from stereotyping the South Indians. Rahul Khan,Stereotype Head (against Tamilians division) of Green Chillies Entertainment, SRK’s production house said, We have made many people burn in anger esp. tamilians…I think its payback time for my boss!

Interestingly, a leading news channel confirmed that the fire was a result of a special diwali cracker named “Ra.One”, but Kirish Sunder, a B-grade artist on Twitter clarified that those crackers only fizzle out usually. Hope SRK slaps..err..slaps a defamation case on him.

Some sources even said SRK watching RGV’s Aag caused the fire and SRK sharing a light moment with Karan Johar resulted in a fire in the bathroom.Some even claim SRK’s jealousy and stomach-burning of Salman Khan’s success and popularity was the reason for fire.

Nobody knows the actual reason except SRK himself.

Digvijaya Singh issued a media statement on the issue Dada was FIRED from KKR 3 years ago or in fact KKR’s logo (BURNING HELMET) has been caught on FIRE for the last 6 years, no one cared then, why is the media blowing up this issue now alone?