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Reason behind Kat-Ranbir split

24, Jan 2014 By sandychamp

Recently news flashed on every web portal, which talked about split of about to get married Bollywood couple.

It's the movie name that irked MMS.
“Ye dil mange more”

Here is conversation of Kat – RK which finally led to split.

Kat – Liar you! RK, recently on KJo’s show your ex, told that tattoo of your name is still there.

You told me that- you asked your ex to get rid of that.

RK- Oh come on Baby, don’t create scene I know she removed one out of two, I recently checked her out after Jawani Diwani success bash.

Kat- what? She got two tattoos of yours, one everybody seen, where is other one.

RK – Deep within her globes but no where now

Kat – What?

RK – Why we are discussing about her! Let’s talk about us, why are you so upset?

Kat- I have only one movie this year and Sallu not picking my calls (ooops)

RK- What? (Throwing Oreo biscuit on floor) You called him.

Kat- I have to – as he got very big

RK – (Interrupting in middle) Big? What Big?

Kat – Gosh! I am talking about heart, big kind heart babu. You know after that Paparazi incident, Bhai; oh sorry sallu was the first person to offer me same color of bikini saying that atleast I have wore same Bikini, but you don’t care at all of mine(Sobbing).

Rk – What you said? Sallu, I mean Bhai (scared, looking here & there) was the first person, who else given you.

Kat- You talking about who else, these shopping portal retargeting my handy and laptop IP with special widget for me,  just now one flashes it says – 100% off to Kat, but please ma’am wear matched Bikini.

RK – Really Babe, get me one dozen na, for my next holiday with other girlfriends.

Kat- You Jerk, chintu ke pintu and she left the room with banging the door.

RK – rushing behind, baby please wait – all this conversation start because of tattoo, why don’t you get tattoo for yourself. Please honey for me.

Kat – (Sobbing) Ok, if you insist

RK – I love you Honey.

Kat – I love you too chintu ke pintu J

After that Kat went to best tattoo artist in the city and asked to get her make a tattoo for my boyfriend on her waistline above her curves. Finally after wearing pain of tattoo, Kat again reach us to RK to show the body art.

Kat- Hey RK, Surprise! And she shows him the tattoo.

Finally they broke up …………………………………………………………………………………………….

Because Tattoo reads Being Human

Unfortunate for the couple – Tattoo artist was Bhai’s fan.